Welcome Beekeepers

Next meeting is at Peace Lutheran Church 2084 Co Rd N., Baldwin WI:

Thursday Feb 12th, 2015  at 7pm

Beekeeping Classes To Look For: NOW AND IN 2015

http://beelab.umn.edu/Education/Public_Courses/index.htm ******NOTE  A COURSE FOR BEGINNERS IS ON NOVEMBER 1, 2014

What Should I Be doing With My Bees This Month? -Jim from Natures Nectar Blog

Become a member and get involved in committees, hear or make presentations, talk with fellow beekeepers at our social time, attend our annual picnic (August 13, 2015) and Christmas party (January 8, 2015).

Our committees are as follows:
SOCIAL COMMITTEE -assist meetings with treats, Annual Christmas Party & Annual Picnic MENTORING COMMITTEE -help and assist new beekeepers
NEED A MENTOR LIST -a list of beekeepers needing guidance
YOUTH BEEKEEPING PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM -review applications and select youth beekeeper
ST CROIX COUNTY FAIR COMMITTEE -distribute honey product and talk to the public on beekeeping 7/15/15 - 7/19/15
SWARM CATCHERS -a group of beekeepers to collect honey bee swarms
HANDY PERSONS RESOURCES DIRECTORY - a list of members who have talents other than beekeeping to benefit our association
PIERCE COUNTY FAIR COMMITTEE -distribute honey product and talk to the public on beekeeping 8/5/15- 8/9/15
MEDIA COMMITTEE - contact news media and assist membership with information sharing. ENDOWMENT/DONATIONS COMMITTEE -where our funds need to be used.

Contact Paul if interested in becoming a memeber of any of the committees
Paul VanDenMeerendonk      715-781-0640 
Past President/Media/Swarm
See you in February 2015!

Baldwin Extension Office meeting location
Beekeepers donate Natural Beekeeping, 2nd edition: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION By Ross Conrad to the Roberts WI, Hazel Mackin Library which is part of the MORE library system. Order it online then pick it up at your local library.

The Honey Bee
Wisconsin State

In 1977, the third grade class of Holy Family School in Marinette was studying the legislative process, hands-on.

 With encouragement from the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association,
they asked the Legislature to select the honey bee
(Apis mellifera)

as the state insect.

The news got the school community abuzz. Attempts to get
other elementary school students to help
choose a state bug
by popular ballot failed.

 The monarch butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug and mosquito were contenders
for the title,
 but the honey bee
won out.