Our Mission  To teach members and inform the public of the benefits of the proper nurturing of honey bees, processing, and marketing of the products of their labor.  Questions? e-mail us at  honey@somtel.net
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Pollinator Habitat Established by the St Croix Beekeepers Association A group of commercial and hobby beekeepers from Pierce, St Croix and Polk Counties with the mission of teaching members and informing the public of the benefits of the proper nurturing of honey bees planted a native plant pollinator garden last week (June 12, 2014) at the Peace Lutheran Church near Baldwin, WI.  Pastor John Hanson of Peace Lutheran Church in Baldwin, has created community gardening space on church grounds for use by parish and community members. He offered the beekeeper group, who meet in the fellowship hall of the church for their monthly meetings, a small plot of garden space on which to plant a pollinator native plant garden, which once established will provide a nectar and pollen source for the honey bees kept on church grounds as well as other pollinators in the area.     On June 12 a small group from the beekeeper association along with Pastor John Hanson planted approximately 150 plants of 9 different native plant species in a 10x20ft space, using cardboard as a biodegradable mulch which will remain in place until plants are established enough to out-compete weeds. The group will use the native plant plot for educational purposes as well as a food source for bees on church premises. The St Croix Beekeepers Association also keeps two beehives on the property which they use for education and observational purposes. Member Talks Bees at Hudson Schools Stew Erickson made four presentations at three schools on Monday April 22nd.  He had live packaged bees as assistants!  Stew presented at the following schools at Houlton Elementary 1st Graders (40 students),  St. Pat's 5th and 6th Graders (60 students), E.P. Rock 3rd Graders (96 students), E.P. Rock 4th Graders (96 students).    St Croix Valley Beekeepers at Earth Day Earth Day Celebration was conducted at the YMCA Camp ST Croix in Hudson WI on Sunday April 21st this year. SCV Beekeepers Association participants were Mark Klanderman, Ruth Steiner, Max Steiner, and Paul VanDenMeerendonk. Mark, Ruth, and Paul talked all about bees and their importance to pollination. Mark and Paul provided an assortment of bee equipment. Mark set up the video/disc player and PBS documentary “Silence of the bees”. Ruth and Max helped with the smaller students finger painting insects on wrist bands and provided a wonderful wall poster of a number of pollinators to look at. We all handed out the “regional plant lists for native pollinator gardens”, the “SCV Beekeepers Assoc. information sheet, and our small “SCV Beekeepers paper business card”. The WHPA “Honey Bee Poster Contest” was also posted for everyone to see. Everyone had a great time at this event from Noon til 4 PM.
Our Mission   To provide education and fellowship surrounding the husbandry of beekeeping.  Have a question e-mail us.
St. Croix Valley Beekeepers Association Promoting the general interest and welfare of beekeeping
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Local teen turns St. Croix Beekeepers Scholarship

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Nicholas Simpson was 11 years old when he showed his first interest in beekeeping. Five years later, he’s got a honey business that’s abuzz with activity.  Read more about Nicholas here. Jim’s Blog What should I be doing with my bees this month? Follow along with Jim on his beekeeping journey. Pick up pointers on all sorts of issues that go along with beekeeping.  You can find Jim’s Blog here.
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