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Swarm Removal
Swarm Removal Members     A swarm of honeybees is a familiar sight in the spring and summer. There is no telling where a swarm might land. It could land on any convenient resting place: a bush, a tree branch, a lamppost, or patio furniture. Honeybee swarms cluster together for protection and warmth in a temporary resting place. In the center of this ball is their queen. The swarming bees do not stay there long. As soon as scout bees find a nice suitable and protected home, the swarm will be up and away.  With the declining number of honeybees (and beekeepers), we want to help where we can. Below are, telephone numbers and locations of members of the St. Croix Valley Beekeepers Association who will assist in honeybee swarm removal. We anticipate success in capturing these swarms to develop productive honey colonies which will continue to pollinate our environment  Our members will make every effort to remove and take the honeybee swarm with them upon their visit. They will not remove embedded or permanent dwelling structures where honeybees have set up a home. Unless, this member has bee vacuum equipment and is able to make the possible removal. An online search for “honey bee swarms” can provide more information. Thank you for your interest in saving a honeybee swarm. Swarm Removal Members contact one close to you. *Member has Bee Vac Equipment for possible use in removals AMERY Mark Adams madams@amerytel.net  715-554-1020 BALDWIN Crystal Schmidt dr.crystalschmidt@gmail.com  715-579-7145 Dale Wolf dwhoney@baldwin-telecom.net        715-684-2095 John Hanson  jrhanson@baldwin-telecom.net  715-821-4484 BELDENVILLE Donna O’Kroy dmlogan@netzero.net   954-298-5143 ELLSWORTH Roy Swanson rjswanson33@gmail.com  715-220-2048 HOULTON Bill Steely  wrsteely@gmail.com    952-237-8898 HUDSON CHAIRMAN  Paul VanDenMeerendonk  pvanden@baldwin-telecom.net   715-781-0640 *Dan Klasen klasen@baldwin-telecom.net   651-329-5694 Bill & Ann Akers wdakers@mmm.com          715-307-7688 Bill Milbrath                 651-428-5286 Ken Wooley wooleyken@gmail.com             715-222-1063 Rock Roberts weldguy1@yahoo.com           715-497-7104 Stew Erickson stew@aggas.com                  715-386-3565   cell 651-503-7706 MAIDEN ROCK Doug/Kim Sjostrom dksjostrom@outlook.com  715-448-2517 NEW RICHMOND Claude Bovi boviman1970@msn.com      cell 612-819-6008 PRESCOTT Erin Bauman tobyone8@yahoo.com  612-554-8317 RIVER FALLS Brad Mogen brad.d.mogen@gmail.com           cell 651-303-9028 John & Lori Humphrey  jhumphrey@accomn.com  612-889-1425 Mitchel Wayne mitchjwayne@yahoo.com               715-495-0679 ROBERTS Dave Lambert dalambert1957@yahoo.com   612-805-6323 Heidi Doering hdoering@pressenter.com       715-749-3341  cell 715-977-2982 SPRING VALLEY / MARTELL *Bernie Knutson knutson.bernie@yahoo.com   715-688-6833  WOODVILLE Fred Johnson ssiwisc@aol.com     715-688-4728 Rick Huard rickhuard@gmail.com  715-698-2044 The following members would like to be contacted to watch and observe Nic Mentink allisonmentink@yahoo.com 715-308-3897      WOODVILLE Pat Kolashinski docpat1@yahoo.com     715-381-7300      HUDSON